Group 1 – Neighborhood Center

The neighborhood center presents as an opportunity to foster and deepen relations between the inhabitants in this low density residential neighborhood of Winterslag. It is also the starting point of the necklace forest surrounding the build environment. The neighborhood center is currently an introverted infrastructure with no relation to the lush forest and hidden from the inhabitants. Walls, fences, dense bushes and a vast array of built elements are used to assert private and public functions in the area which limits the possibility of engagement with the center and between neighbors.

After discussions and drawing activities with the youngest residents (6-8 year old) and their parents, it was evident the need for spaces to play and the interest in exploring nature, but als – mainly – to rest and sleep. Our aim will be to show the possibilities of integrating nature into the Center as a way for children to find a place to rest, reclaim the forest as a site for enjoyment and relaxation and, question the role of fences in the community.