Group 3 – the Church

On the plot of the old neighbourhood Church is now a bus stop. Because of the continuous movement on the bus site, it is a place of rythm and continuity.  Also, the Church takes care of important moments in life.  The bus stop serves the mundane: the rituals of everyday life, going back an forth from work, meeting friends. The Church is made of brick, with small windows therefore feeling more enclosed. The bus stop is made of glass – you see everything that is going on. It are both public spaces, meant to serve people in the neighbourhood. Nowadays the Church is rarely used, whereas the bus stop is used many times throughout the day. Though the Church has a lot of benches, the bus stop only has one. People linger around waiting for the bus. Through adding a construction to the site this project makes it possible for people to connect with each other in a new way while they wait for the bus or for a ceremony in the church. The two worlds come together in a newly connected park.